Q: Who is the Shadow Play the game for?

A: Anyone wanting to have fun learning more about each other, whilst simultaneously learning more about themselves. Think: ‘connection game’, but a little bit ruthless and a lot of fun. Or anyone with fucked up humour. Either works.

Q: Why Should I play Shadow Play?

A: Because we make hard conversations funny. You’re welcome.

Q: How do I play Shadow Play?

A: It’s pretty simple.. Pick up a card and answer truthfully.
But don’t take too long or give a half assed, BS answer. Do that and you’ll have to pick up a Ruthless Card. Then things really heat up.. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Q: How many players do I need?

A: The game suggests 3-8, but honestly grab as many of your friends and family as you want! Whilst designed for 3+, with a few tweaks, you can also play with 2 people!

Q: Is there an age recommendation?

A: We would recommend Shadow Play to anyone 15 years and over.

Q: I’m offended by your game.

A: Yeah, it’s pretty fucked up, You can try to sue us but we will fight you.

Q: Where can I buy Shadow Play the game?

A: Exclusively at www.shadowplay.com.au